October 9, 2023

Jews, drugs, monopoly, and the Bible

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~ big pharma
~ Shoah Express: Goys must believe
~ Communist chest
~ Go-y to gulags
~ Hollywood: propaganda for goys…give us your children
~ White House: Support Israel or die!
~ Christianity: closed: bankruptcy
~ questioning the Holocaust ~ go-y to jail
~ pay Jews income tax: go-y

goy: sometimes disparaging; a non-Jewish person;
– plural: goyim
– Yiddish, from Hebrew gōy people, nation
– First Known Use: 1841

…a 12 minute video

“Jewopoly” explores the history of the drug trade and compares it to the Bible. Drugs have always been used as an instrument to control the people. As the drug culture rises in the Western world, our nations fall into degradation and will eventually lead us to our own destruction, unless we do something about it.”

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
is that good men do nothing.”

This isn’t necessarily about Israel…it’s about the likes of the Rothschild’s, Soros…people that have power, money and control. As stated in the video, most every day Jews have no idea.

The same goes for any “religion” out there…everything sounds and looks good, but once we start to dig a little deeper, things aren’t really what they seem to be.

I came across this video before I heard anything about what happened in Israel. I kept the radio and TV off all day Saturday and didn’t hear about Israel until Sunday morning. I thought about postponing publishing it, but how long do I wait? A week? Month? Year? No, no and no… this isn’t something I postpone. What’s happening in Israel isn’t going to be over in a few days, I don’t think. It might not only be “contained” to Israel and Gaza either…but that’s something for another day.

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