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October 10, 2023

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The only reason why we cover our mouth when we yawn is because we don’t want anyone stealing our soul. The whole “it’s polite” thing today, has nothing to do with being polite at all, but only because of old Pre-Christian practices that are still in our memory today as we aren’t born tabla raza. If when using your hand, your fingers are pointed to the sky while covering your mouth, you are protected by celestial beings. But if using your hand, your fingers are pointed to the right or left of you while covering your mouth, you are protected by Earthly beings. Some say yawning is a call to your kin in your tribe as mimicking was a common reaction in those days. While physiologically, yawning occurs for many reasons, spiritually it’s a symbol of humility and devotion to the God or Gods of your patronage. So, cover your mouth. ~ Druid NIOGLAS DEALÁN, OCAB.

We were warned as children that drug dealers might one day try to push harmful drugs on us. Apparently, must of y’all some of humanity wasn’t paying attention.

Pfizer ~ Moderna ~ Johnson and Johnson


It’s not immigration.
It’s not asylum seeking.

It’s an invasion!

It’s time to wake up!


Flat earth friends

upside down umbrella, hands down the best!

Lunar Rover: $38million
Travel instruments: $3,500
Radio equipment: $2,200
Moon tires: $2,400
Jeep Wrangler Frame: $1,500
Nasa lawn chairs: $37,990,400


Byzantine Psalm Uncovered at Hyrcania: Biblical Archeology… “During a pilot excavation at Hyrcania, located 10 miles southeast of Jerusalem in the West Bank, excavators uncovered a Greek inscription paraphrasing Psalm 86. Dating to the Byzantine period (c. 324–634 CE), the inscription was found amid the remains of a monastery built atop an earlier Hasmonean fortress and Herodian palace.”““Jesus Christ, guard me, for I am poor and needy,” reads the inscription, written in Koine Greek, the language of the New Testament. While not a direct quotation, it was likely a paraphrase of Psalm 86:1–2, an important prayer in both Christian and Jewish tradition. The short inscription was painted onto a building stone, likely belonging to the monastery. A simple cross was also painted above the inscription.”

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Gospel of Thomas (97)
Jesus says:
(1) “The kingdom of the [Father] is like a woman who is carrying a [jar] filled with flour.
(2) While she was walking on [the] way, very distant (from home), the handle of the jar broke (and) the flour leaked out [on] the path.
(3) (But) she did not know (it); she had not noticed a problem.
(4) When she reached her house, she put the jar down on the floor (and) found it empty.”

gospel of Thomas 97 commentary

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