Friday the 13th is only bad luck if you choose it to be ~ Denise Mansfield

October 13, 2023

photo of the week

~ October 11, 2023 ~

Friday the 13th…

~ keep calm
~ don’t go swimming
~ don’t have sex
~ don’t smoke
~ don’t drink
~ don’t go out
~ don’t split up
~ don’t run from the killer
~ if you trip, get up and run
and above all
~ turn on the light before entering any room

It may be Friday the 13th
but it’s still Friday
and a reason to dance

Why do Democrats pretend America is a democracy rather than a rupublic?

~ The ideal of democracy is universal equality
~ The ideal of a constitutional republic is individual liberty
~ Democracies always degenerate into dictatorships which promise equality and security but deliver poverty and slavery
~ America was founded as a constitutional republic to safeguard the liberties of the people against the tyranny of a democracy
~ Democrats deliberately use the term “democracy” to obscure the safeguards of our constitution

~ Based on extracts from A Republic, Not a Democracy by Dan Smoot, April 18, 1966


…link (above):

Christine was the first self driving car to catch fire…

way before Tesla made it a standard feature


Happy Friday The 13th

On Friday, October 13 1307, King Philip of France, with the consent of Pope Clement V, falsely accused The Order of The Knights Templar of heresy to relieve his debts to them. They were tortured into confession and burned at the stake.



Friday The 13th – A New Era Of Islamic Terror?: Prophecy news watch… “Once the Great Middle East War really gets rolling, I expect that we will see terror attacks throughout the western world on a scale that we have never seen before.  So I am not just concerned about one day.  Ultimately, I believe that we are entering a period when Islamic terrorism in the western world will become more common than ever.”“Meanwhile, the Biden administration is actually forcing Americans that want to be evacuated out of Israel to sign promissory notes (an agreement to repay/loan)… when Americans in Israel are relying on their government for support and protection, the U.S. State Department’s Consular Affairs Crisis Management System (CACMS) has left many American citizens hanging in the wind, demanding them to sign promissory notes as a precondition for any assistance in evacuating from the crisis-hit region.”

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