all truth is unsealed

October 15, 2023

Shining City On A Hill

My beloved America, I Love you still.
You are My bright shining city on a hill.
I Am your God – and you are My people.
I live in your hearts – not under a steeple.
The fair-weather churches have led you astray.
They’ve left Me behind as they’ve gone their own way.
The age is upon you – all TRUTH is unsealed.
The wolves in sheep’s clothing will soon be revealed.
Those who deceive you are not serving Me.
The god that they serve is their 501C3.
All that is lasting when My Son returns Is the fire of TRUTH that inside of you burns.
You are a beacon of Hope for My Will – And I Am the Light of My city on a hill.”
~ Karen René Pryor
“to make Him known

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Bacha bazi: The American Conservative… “America’s 20-year misadventure in Afghanistan failed to root out bacha bazi, the Afghan custom of men molesting boys. Indeed, the practice, banned and severely punished by the Taliban, flourished during the NATO occupation, with much of the abuse meted out by U.S. – backed security forces. Our troops occasionally lashed out against those they caught molesting so-called dancing boys. But the brass insisted it was beyond America’s remit to change the Afghans’ despicable ways.”

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