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October 17, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

Re-label “conspiracy theorists” as “visionaries” and everything makes far more sense

Just imagine if Trump were in office and the 2020 election was not rigged…

~ no Ukraine war ~ no inflation
~ border secure (or more secure than it is at the moment)
~ energy independent
~ budget surplus ~ higher wages
~ no recession ~ low interest rates
~ higher income

…and Ron DeSantis would have had a chance in 2024


learn to discipline your emotions

because if you don’t

your enemies will use them against you


I don’t think inside the box. I don’t think outside the box either. I don’t even know where the box is.

Biden Regime Secretly Funneled $75 Million to Hamas Days Before Attack: the people’s voice… “The money was quietly funneled to them in a quiet move that was completely overlooked by Republican lawmakers. NN reports: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken approved the release of $75 million in funding for Hamas-controlled Gaza. Blinken diverted the cash to Hamas just hours before the funds were set to be redistributed elsewhere. The move was hushed through with little attention in early October, just days before Hamas launched its terrorist attacks against Israel, slaughtering, raping, and kidnapping hundreds of innocent civilians.”

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Gospel of Thomas (104)
(1) They said to [Jesus]: “Come, let us pray and fast today!”
(2) Jesus said: “What sin is it that I have committed, or wherein have I been overcome?
(3) But when the bridegroom comes out of the wedding chamber, then let (us) fast and pray.”

comparable to: Luke 5: 33-39 (NKJV)
Gospel of Thomas (104) commentary (early Christian writings)

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