when tolerance is considered a good

October 17, 2023

societies are far gone in depravity
when toleration is considered a good in itself
without regard to the thing tolerated

~ A.K. Chesterton

Muslims and Jews fighting

“Why don’t you care?”

“Both Muslims and Jews hate Christians. They have been killing us long before they have been killing each other. This conflict is none of my business. Let them fight.”


brace yourselves, the push to accept Palestinian refugees is coming




Here It Comes Folks The Great Awakening Is Now Playing #TheNoticing #Israel (ISIS-RA-EL): before it’s news… “Why can’t President Trump just come out and denounce the lies and propaganda from WWI and WWII? Tell us about the Khazarian Mafia and who runs the world? Just go on TV and tell the world… NOPE. We are dealing with a society that is brainwashed, poisoned and under MK Mind controlled programming where the masses in society have no idea they are under mind control because they simply look to authority and accept the official narrative and say they don’t care. (based on their programming which results in apathy the death of a society).”…the Israel craziness on Facebook is unreal, akin to the pandemic.

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