the day I die is the day I’m done

October 19, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

The path I walk will never be chosen in fear
The words I speak will be received loud and clear
There will be no doubt of where I stand
my sword and shield rest firm in my hand
Bring me giants and I’ll stand tall
the bigger they are the harder they fall
When I love I give it strong
God help those who do me wrong
I’ll rise against
I will not run
The day I die is the day I’m done

… I’ve been having issues with my blog all day – wrong images being uploaded, changes I make not being saved. Someone or something doesn’t want me posting. But I managed to get to here and now and I hope everything posted the way it was supposed to.

How much of what Joe Biden left behind ended up in the arms of Hamas?

~ 600,000+ small arms
~ 30,000,000+ rounds of ammunition
~ 200+ aircraft
~ 75,000+ vehicles

total value of material: $83,000,000,000


“When I say cut taxes, I don’t mean fiddle with the code. I mean abolish the income tax and the IRS, and replace them with nothing.”

~ Ron Paul


me: what’s the first rule of cooking?

4 year old: don’t put your hands in your butt.


4 year old:

me: correct


Burglars Never Check These Secret Hiding Places: ask a prepper… “It’s a sad fact that, anytime you leave your home, there’s a chance someone will pay an unwanted visit while you’re gone. Burglary is the third most common crime in the US. Every year there are about 2.5 million burglaries in this country – one every 26 seconds, on average. Worse, if a thief gets into your home and takes your stuff there isn’t much chance of you ever getting it back. Just 13% of burglaries are ever solved, and even if police catch the thief there’s a good chance he’ll already have sold your belongings. You can’t rely on the law to protect your property from thieves; you need to do it yourself. The first line of defense against burglary is making your home a hard target, but that isn’t guaranteed to work.”…house plants, fake pipes, old appliances, fake power outlets, hollow books, old sneakers, and more…one thing to keep in mind, where ever you chose to hide things, make sure it looks natural. If it looks out of place, it’s a clue to the robber

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Gospel of Thomas (106)
Jesus says:
(1) “When you make the two into one, you will become sons of man.
(2) And when you say ‘Mountain, move away,’ it will move away.”

comparable to: Mark 10: 8-12 (NKJV)
1 Corinthians 13: 2 (NKJV)
Gospel of Thomas 105 commentary (early Christian writings)

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