The Great Controversy Timeline

October 21, 2023

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I wanted to share with you the timeline that The Great Controversy covers, which I have been sharing for the past week or so.. The battle between good and evil really started when Satan rebelled against God in heaven, but for this purpose, the timeline starts when Jesus is crucified on the cross.

Events found on this timeline:

  • The Cross (timeline)
  • The Apostles (timeline)
  • Jerusalem destroyed
  • Persecution (first centuries)
  • An era of spiritual darkness begins
  • Reformation in Europe begins
  • The Mayflower
  • 1st Signs of the Second Coming Appear
  • Reformation in America begins
  • The 3 Angels message given
  • The last warnings given (End Times timeline)
  • Time of Trouble (End Times timeline)
  • Second Coming (timeline)
  • 1,000 years of peace
  • The End of sin

I’ve been looking for actual dates that I can include with my posts, but this is the closest I can get right now.

I will include this timeline in future posts and also include this link this to future “Controversy” posts, with the era covered highlighted, so we can “see” where we are in history. It’s possible that I could include other links that are relevant, but that all depends on time…

Bible Timelines: The Great Controversy:…

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