Herded into wars like cattle to slaughter

October 24, 2023

The illuminati plan for three world wars

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…a four and a half minute video

General Albert Pike and The Conspiracy: heritage history… “Fully cognizant with the fact that telling the truth will hurt many people, and anger those who serve the Devil’s purpose, we still feel it is necessary to give the public proof that General Albert Pike lived a dual life. The fact that so little is known regarding his secret, private life isn’t to be wondered at. The Synagogue of Satan are sons of the Father of lies (Lucifer); those who control and direct the Luciferian conspiracy on this earth are “Masters of Deceit.”“Hidden history proves that General Albert Pike is one of those men for whom the Holy Scriptures tell us to watch out. In Matt. 24:24, Mark 13:22,14:56, etc., we are told false prophets and false Christs shall arise and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce (deceive), if it were possible, even the ‘Elect.’ Documentary evidence proves that Pike was not only a false Christ, he was, before he died, the High Priest of the Luciferian ideology on this earth, and as such, controlled the Synagogue of Satan.”

…is this what we’re seeing right now in Israel?
Only time will tell

The illuminati plan for three world wars: bitchute/anonymousofficial…link to embedded video (above)

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