washed out, spent, depleted

October 29, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful


~ ram·​fee·​zled ~ ramˈfēzəld ~

an 18th century term
meaning wrung out, tired, exhausted

New lace boxers for guys who comply and trust the masonic agenda


When you don’t know your history,
anyone can fool you.



~ how a cat scan really works ~

*Cute Ambassadors of Terror Squad


Canada Caught Harvesting the Blood and Organs of Babies For Elite VIPs: the people’s voice… “The Trudeau regime is expanding the nation’s “assisted suicide” laws to include babies, allowing doctors to euthanize young children for profit. Canada’s diabolical Medical Assistance in Dying program, known as MAiD (pronounced “MADE”), was sold to the people as a humane way to end the lives of elderly people with no quality of life who no longer wish to be a burden. But in reality, MAiD is a eugenics death cult designed to depopulate society of citizens who are more useful to the government dead than alive.”

*all photos (not meme’s) were made by me and made on my property unless otherwise stated

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police are hunting a knitting needle attacker
They think he’s following some kind of pattern

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