the secret meaning of the first verse of the bible

October 31, 2023

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The first verse of the Bible
(read right to left, above)
In the beginning, created God
the heavens and the earth

…a 7 minute video

Ancient Hebrew
(pre-Babylonian captivity)


beginning (Genesis 1: 1)
In the beginning ~ end from the beginning

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In the beginning

~ BET: House/tent ~ RESH: first/highest person (man’s head) ~ ALPH: strength/God (Ox head) ~ SHEN: consume/destroy (teeth) ~ YOD: hand/works (arm/hand) ~ TEV: covenant/mark (cross)

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I found it interesting that “God” was represented as an ox head, so I looked it up… “That the Israelites also held the bull sacred in the early days of their agricultural life, is proved by the worship of Yhwh in the image of a calf (see Calf-Worship). This worship was perhaps borrowed from the Canaanites. Tobit i. 5, which speaks of “Baal the heifer,” shows that the Canaanites, as well as their cousins of Tyre, represented their deity in this form.” (Jewish encyclopedia)

All kinds of thoughts are rumbling through my head, but I’m going to leave it here for now. Perhaps, this is part of the thou shalt not have any graven image commandment. How do you make an image of the Most High? You can’t, or shouldn’t.

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