wood, wood, wood…and more wood

November 10, 2023

photos of the week

… this is only one load of wood…

~ November 6, 2023 ~

… we’re still working on finishing up the wood shed.

We came across some free fire wood, so of course we had to jump on it. Someone that lives near us had a maple tree cut down, we asked if we could have it, he said “take it”. He also said that we could have what we wanted of another tree that was cut and piled up behind the house.

So, it’s here now, split and piled up – ready to go in the wood shed when it’s finished.

We haven’t worked on it much the last couple of days – mostly concentrating on getting the wood back to the house. But the plan is to start working on it again this weekend.

Terrorists and saboteurs are surging into America: gatesoneinstitute.org… “Those who want to cross the U.S. southern border and do not live in this hemisphere usually fly to Quito because Ecuador allows visa-free entry to Chinese and others, such as those from the Middle East and the Central Asian “stans.”; At the end of last month, 17 Chinese nationals landed at Key Largo from Cuba; Venezuela’s regime has been using migration as a weapon against the United States. [Joseph] Humire terms it “Strategic Engineered Migration.”; “It took only 19 terrorists to carry out 9/11,” Humire points out. “America is likely heading toward an era of increased terrorist attacks in the homeland.”; And Biden is welcoming the attackers onto American soil.”

*all photos are mine and made on my property

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I don’t support American Tax Dollars funding Wars in Other Countries

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