you’re worth it

November 14, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

~ a bluebird in silhouette

Just in case no one tells you today…
You’re worth having around.
You’re worth committing to.
You’re worth appreciating.
You’re worth loving.


Joseph R. Biden Jr.
date missing: Friday August 13
from: Washington, D.C.
DOB: 11/20/1942
white male
eyes: vacant
height: 6’0″
weight: 180
hair: white

last seen wandering away from accountability for fall of Afghanistan, crisis on southern border, runaway inflation

If you can identify this president… you are doing better than he is



The children in Nashville were murdered because they were Christians.

The left-wing shooter’s manifesto mimics Joe Biden’s hateful rhetoric.

The FBI knows that. That’s why they prevented the manifesto from coming out.


Do not ever worry about society thinking that you are weird… society is basic mindless dogsh…and thoroughly brainwashed.


Obama Outed As ‘Shadow President’ Secretly Orchestrating Hamas-Israel False Flag: the people’s voice… “NBC News has admitted that Barack Obama has been secretly operating as America’s ‘shadow President’ for the last three years, illegally serving a third term in the White House. According to an explosive report, Obama has been secretly overseeing the Biden administration, heightening concerns the ex-President is actually the secret commander-in-chief with his former VP operating as a frontman.”…what will be done about it though…

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Gospel of Mary 9: 3-4
Peter answered and spoke concerning these same things.
4) He questioned them about the Savior:
Did He really speak privately with a woman and not openly to us?
Are we to turn about and all listen to her? Did He prefer her to us?

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