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November 17, 2023

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my ability to read the room is the reason I stay home a lot

The next step is to get the “floor” leveled out, put a board across the front, boards around the sides and back to act as a guard – to keep the gravel in, and get some gravel. At the moment, we are leaving the sides open. If need be, we will put tarps up – but that will be only is they’re calling for a lot of snow. We would like to get our hands on some old barn wood. If we are able to get ahold of some, we would put it up at an angle – angling out at the bottom so air can still circulate, but pushes the rain away from the building.

We’ll see what happens…

Yeah, and then this happened this morning…

Woke up to a plumbing leak. The water line going to the master bathroom shower sprung a leak. Not fun. We tried to fix it ourselves. We went to Home Depot and bought some flex seal tape…my housemate thought it would work, but the water pressure is too much. It needs to be fixed for real!

We’ve got the water to the house completely shut off and we’re waiting for the plumber to call back. Luckily, I’ve got water stored – lots of it! Probably 20 – 30 gallons. Mostly so I have water for the humidifier – distilled and filtered, but for occasions such as this. We can still wash dishes, brush our teeth and take a sponge bath, if need be.

When the plumber comes to fix the leak, I’m asking him to put a shut off valve on that line, so we don’t have to shut the whole house down if/when another leak happens. There should be a shut off valve for the shower, but it’s above the leak (up behind the wall) and wouldn’t do any good for this.

There was already a hole cut in the ceiling, from when my dad had to fix a leak in the shower many years ago. We just had to make the hole bigger. The hole is in the ceiling above the shower of the downstairs bathroom. When the time comes, we’ll just make it an access panel, so we don’t have to cut another hole in the ceiling.

This just means that I won’t be buying gravel for the woodshed…at least until spring.

It all began in Babylon
(link: learn religions)


with Semiramis and Tammux

~ religions (doctrines of men) ~ the cross (pegan)
~ Thanksgiving ~ trinity ~ New Years ~ Halloween
~ Christmas ~ Valentine’s Day
~ Christmas Tree (evergreen) ~ God (Gadreel)
~ Easter/communion ~ Lord (Baal) ~ Worship of Mary
~ praying 60 days for the dead ~ birthday celebration
~ Sunday worship ~ church (Kirke/Circe)
~ infant baptism ~ praying to idols ~ good Friday
~ Rosary ~ Mother’s Day ~ consuming unclean food
~ Father’s Day

…some of this I have touched on before. If I haven’t yet, I will in the near future.


November doesn’t have afternoons…it’s just morning until 2pm, then it’s night.


2nd Amendment

America’s Original
Homeland Security


How to Easily Make Alkaline Water At Home: healthy and natural world… “Some people claim that alkaline water may even prevent chronic diseases like cancer. But there isn’t any scientific evidence to support the idea that alkaline water can treat or prevent cancer. Alkaline water is water with a high pH rating, meaning that it is more alkaline and less acidic than tap water. A neutral pH rating is a 7—anything above it is considered alkaline, while anything below it is considered acidic.”…article includes instructions on making alkaline water, super easy – lemon or baking soda, why alkaline water is good for you, benefits of drinking alkaline water

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