a temporary fix

November 21, 2023

Just wanted to let everyone know we now have water!

The plumber finally stopped by late yesterday afternoon (there was a messaging mix up, which is why he didn’t stop when I first called) and cut the water line that was leaking and capped it off. This is a temporary fix.

He’ll be coming back and reconnecting the line, giving the water tank a tune up and installing a couple shut off valves, so we don’t have to shut the whole house down if there’s another leak in one of the bathrooms. Especially if the leak is below the shut off valves that are already there – for example, the sinks and toilets. There are valves for the tub/showers, but they’re behind the walls. The valves that are already there only shut off the water at the valves, so if a “main line” starts leaking it won’t do any good.

I’ve got a little bit of work to do, but I’m glad we have water. I’ll be sharing more when appropriate…

hope you have a great day!
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    • Some things I can do myself or can figure it out, but I didn’t pay much attention when my dad was working on this kind of stuff.

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