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~ a photogram is a photography technique using the darkroom, enlarger, light sensitive paper and objects to make a picture or photo…

lumen prints

~ lumen prints are a type of photography that uses the sun to imprint an image onto a light sensitive photographic paper. All that is really needed is the paper, object, glass or plastic to hold the object in place and stop bath. I think it’s stop bath anyway…it’s the last chemical process used when developing photos. Several hours of sunlight are needed to “develop” the photo – I usually allow at least ten hours, but have used about two days if it’s cloudy.

The lumen print above I used “color” photo paper, which gave it a different quality than using black and white photo paper.

I will also note, the original lumen print is much different than a scan or photograph. When told that prints may very, this very much applies to lumen prints.



~ cyanotypes is a technique using a chemical on watercolor paper and exposing it to sunlight for a few minutes. When finished, just run the paper under cool water and hopefully you have a neat picture.

digital art

multi media art

black and white

baby and cat done in sharpie dots…no lines

Mickey Mouse: I got an A- or + on it, in high school, even though it wasn’t finished. I said something to the teacher and was told she liked it, and thought it was supposed to be that way. I guess that’s the point of good art…make it look like it’s supposed to be that way!

The other three were done at community college – charcoal, ink, and sharpie and pencil. The ink one may have been in high school, thinking about it. The charcoal drawing looks like it could be hanging above a bar and the circular one…I can’t remember what the requirements were, but everyone liked it. It’s my name (Holly) incorporated into circles. It could be done with just about any name, with a different design of course.

there will be more – I just need to pull them from other places – or rephotograph, as what I thought I had in my media gallery isn’t showing up.

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