Here you will find some stories I have published (on WordPress, the stories coming from other places)…legends, actually… each photo is linked to a different post I have published, with the title below the image. I will be adding more of my stories as I can…

Although I have started with local legends and stories, I plan on expanding it. American, State, Viking, Welsh, German…all of which I have an interest in. Just click on any image to read the corresponding story!

In no particular order…

Hope you enjoy!!

Frederick MD and the Civil War
The Jolly Jug
Frederick MD Folklore and Legends
Misty Specters
The Spirits of Schifferstadt
The Loat’s Orphanages Lady
“Miss Effie”
Image result for balls bluff
The Battle Of Ball’s Bluff
the walking dead
Linganore Hatti
the devil on horseback
the missing note
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