No Damage Done!It could’ve been worse!

Oct 20, 2019

I was sitting here, getting ready to do the Carefree Saturday post when I felt a thump and heard a crash! I asked my son if that was thunder, he said yeah.

Just as this happened, my boyfriend had walked outside…he said he heard the crash and at first thought it was an accident on the interstate – a tractor trailer or something. (We live that close! The house has actually shook when a tractor trailer has blown a tire.) When he looked, he saw the leaves on top of the house – and came and got me!

So, you remember the tree that came down in the wind storm/straight wind we had the other day? (You can read about that by clicking here.) Of course, I had to grab the camera! I grabbed both of them.

We really thought we had a little bit of time before we had to take the rest of the tree down. I mean, the first part broke just the other day. On the 17, which was Thursday! Maybe the weight of the rain helped bring it down! There’s a little bit of a breeze, but…when a tree is damaged, it doesn’t take much!

Luckily, we’ve got a new roof and most of the weight of the tree is away from the house.It could’ve been so much worse!

I’d actually been thinking about adding some windows (2) to that end of the house, to allow for more air flow. Now I’m glad we haven’t! Or I didn’t, or how ever that goes.

Mt boyfriend’s gonna go up on the roof – after it’s done raining – and take some pics and cut the branches away. And we’re gonna have to get some one out to cut the rest of the tree down.

You don’t know how thankful I am right now!

  • It could be so much worse! It could’ve actually done damage. We could’ve been outside, under the tree when it came down. (If it hadn’t been raining, my boyfriend was going to mow.)
  • No one was hurt! Like I just stated…we could’ve been out there when it came down!

So, I’m not really gonna do my Carefree Saturday today like I usually do. But I will add the photos!

I don’t know what the flowers are, but they’re still blooming!

It didn’t take us very long to get all the branches picked up from the wind storm the other day.

Tulip poplar, Silver Maple Tree and leaves

It’s been so dry that the leaves aren’t as vibrant as they should be! The rain we’re getting now will certainly help!

We cleaned out the chimney! It actually wasn’t that bad!

Well, we looked at it – the brush I got is too big. so I need to take it back and get a smaller one.

What a weekend it has been! And I’m still able to laugh, no tears – things could be so much worse!

“A thankful heart is a happy heart!” ~ unknown

Tomorrow is National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, National Reptile Awareness Day, and National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!

Hope you have a great day!

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No damage done

October 20, 2019

We thought we had more time! More to come in a little bit – need to get the images off my camera!

Back in a bit!

Sunday’s Words

Oct 20, 2019

Usually, this is inspirational…I guess it still is, but there’s other “words” mixed in.

Hope you enjoy!

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”

~ Maya Angelou

The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others.”

~ Hasidic Proverb

“Do not be afraid of that which should be afraid of you”
~ Constance Friday

“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.”

~ William James

“There are new words now that excuse everybody. Give me the good old days of heroes and villains, the people you can bravo or hiss. There was a truth to them that all the slick credulity of today cannot touch.”

~ Bette Davis

Hope you have a great day!

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Just some photos with words from the past

Picture of the Day

Oct 20, 2019


Contrasting Colors

“Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird, be whatever,

because life is too short to be anything but happy.”

~ unknown

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All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Oct 19, 2019

It’s been a good day so far! Been getting things done outside…it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

I figured since I shared some of my memories with you earlier today, I’d share some of the photos I have from way back when. Some of the photos aren’t perfect, but they’re good enough. I kinda like the “old” feeling. Most of the pictures are from my dad’s side of the family.

Hope you enjoy!

I haven’t been able to identify this man yet

I have no idea who this man is, but the photo was in with my grandfather’s stuff.

Benjamin Morris
my great grandfather

Benjamin was born in 1879 in Pennsylvania, died in 1953 in Pennsylvania. His wife was Margaret “Lovey” Divelbiss. Her mother’s name was also Margaret, which is how we believe she got the nickname.

Joe and Martha Divelbiss
my great grandmother’s step brother

Joe was born in 1866. I don’t know when he died, but it was after my dad was born (1937) – we have pictures of my dad with Joe. His great great great great grandfather settled in Frederick. I found it very interesting that my fifth great grandfather settled in Frederick and my dad ended up moving here in the 60’s – not knowing any of this. (We didn’t know much of anything about the Morris’ until a couple of years ago.)

Frederick County Farm
circa 1920’s

My grandfather on my mom’s side – I believe – took this photo. I was told, growing up, that my grandfather and his family would come up to Frederick/Braddock Heights during the summer. Braddock Heights was originally founded as a summer resort, which included several hotels, a community pool, a roller/skating rink, amusement park, scenic overlooks, nature trails and until 1890 a small ski resort. There was a trolly that ran from Frederick to Braddock Heights, it ran right in front of our house. I’ll be sure to post more about Braddock at a future date (Braddock Heights was named after British General Edward Braddock), as it is basically in my back yard and I used to go roller skating up there all the time.

I have yet to determine exactly where the photo was taken – I know it was along 340 somewhere (it is written on the back).

my dad
7 years old

I have a photo of my dad where he looks like Alfalfa from The Little Rascals. I will find it for you.

Lost time is never found again.”      

~ Ben Franklin (1706-1790)

Tomorrow is National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day, National Brandied Fruit Day, and National Youth Confidence Day.

That’s about all I have for you at this time.

I hope you enjoyed!!

Have a great day, night or evening – where ever you may be!!

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Memories: 2010 part 1

Oct 19, 2019

I’m not doing a HOW TO post today. I’ve got stuff for it, but it’s just not ready. So, instead, I’m doing memories. This one will be 2010. I was going through photos, trying to figure out what to post, and came across these photos.

I’m still working on the rest of the photos. So, here are a few of the memories I have to share with you…

Hope you enjoy!

taken June 23, 2010

Somewhere in Pennsylvania… during this time we were cemetery hopping with my dad – trying to find old graves of family. We found some, but it took us a couple of years and a lot of photos.

My dad’s family settled in Pennsylvania. Some came from France (DeVore), Germany (Shaffer/Divelbiss), England (Mason), and Wales (Morris), among other places if you go back far enough.

You will see pics of tombstones, especially ones that I found interesting. Like the one below…

infant graves – 2011

Of course, I don’t have any info about them… I just found them interesting. And sad. If my memory serves, they were siblings.

Sandy Point Beach
Chesapeake Bay
August 14, 2010

We did a lot of traveling back then.

On this trip…there were a lot of jelly fish. So we didn’t do a lot of swimming. My sister and I both got stung, my son didn’t. It was still fun!

Assateague Island
September 4, 2010

If you would like to see the story about the ponies taking our spot on the beach, click here. It was quite an experience! If I can find some other photos worth sharing, I will.

December 10, 2010
First snow fall of the season

I was attending Shepherd University in West Virginia at this time. I headed out, like I normally would…it took me an hour to go maybe two miles. Everywhere I went, the roads were either too treacherous or blocked by accidents. (I wouldn’t have even tried to go to school that day, but I had a portfolio due.) I walked back in the door and my dad asked me what I was doing home. So, I told him about the roads and called my professor. By this time, my professors knew I commuted to school and stated (often) that they would rather have us safe.

This photo is looking towards Frederick, MD – Middletown is behind me.

So, that’s what I have for now and there will be more to come!

Hope you enjoyed!

Have a great day!

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“The best thing about memories is making them.”

~ ?

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Picture of the Week

Oct, 19, 2019

October Rose
taken Oct 13, 2019

Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.

~ Chinese proverb

Hope you have a great day!

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