Picture of the Week 2

June 16, 2019

Taken June 14, 2014

LG cell phone camera

I just realized that I didn’t post a picture of the week this week, so here it is!

Carefree Saturday 6

June 16, 2019

About my 6th carefree Saturday (June 15, 2019).

Saturday sunrise

Almost carefree…we had some running around to do yesterday and I only agreed to it because today is Father’s Day!

Tiny spider
Baby inch worm
Granddaddy long leg
Blue wildflower

I need to figure out what these flowers are. I’ve never seen them on my property before!

Things we find

Some of my sons old toys…with all the rain we’ve had recently, old toys and things keep appearing, getting unearthed.

Another wildflower
With a bug (beetle?) on it
Mulch around the pool

I did get some mulching done and some rocks put in place. The pool is ready for some swimmers, it just needs to get warm now. (I have been swimming a couple of times, during the heat of the day, but it is cold…about 72 degrees at the surface!)

Baby wrens

I know it’s not the best picture, but it’s the best I can do under the circumstances. The parents weren’t too happy with me for messing with the nest.

Tiny frog

I love this picture! That’s my hand in the foreground and my boyfriend’s in the background.

Rock and stone path

Still needs a little work, but it’s getting there!

Ever since I decided to take a day for myself and take care of myself, I feel a lot better. Not 100%, but close. Soon enough, I will be back to my old self.

Have a great day and Happy Father’s Day!

Picture of the Day

June 16, 2019

Dad’s veggie soup

Taken February 24, 2015

Samsung SGH-T999L


(I don’t have any other info on it)

He used to make this soup all the time. Of course, he’d freeze some of it for later.


Night photo 1
Black eyed susan

When I was taking classes at Shepherd U, I was taking photos all the time. ALL.THE.TIME! Day, night, rain, shine…it didn’t matter. I’d climd a tree (if it was safe enough), lay on the ground (even if the ground was wet), do almost whatever it took to get the picture.

I’m starting to do that again…

Night photo 2
Shiny black eyed susan

It had rained the night I took these…that’s why they look waxy.

Night photo 3
Another black eyed susan
Night photo 4
Yet another black eyed susan

Sorry, all I have is black eyed susans right now. Next time I will have more of a variety! Promise!!🐞

Night photo 5
Point and shoot black eyed susan

Some of the images are point and shoot, as well as being night photos. I couldn’t tell you exactly which ones are, except the one above definitely is. I don’t think I need to tell you that I used the flash…one of these days I will set up the tripod and shoot without.

Night photo 6

Another point and shoot…

So, I will be posting more night photos! Once a week…

Until tomorrow…

Hope everyone has a great Saturday and an even better weekend!

“Where the blue of night

Meets the gold of day

Someone waits for me”

– Bing Crosby

Picture of the Day

June 15, 2019

My Crazy Cat

Taken January 17, 2015

Samsung SGH-T999L





I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of my cat! He is a character!!

My son gave me permission to post about him – as long as I don’t mention him by name. So, as soon as I get pics and my thoughts together I will be posting.

Until next time….❤🐞🌷🌈


I don’t know what happened today, but it didn’t go as planned. I was hoping to have this posted by now – actually, this morning – but as you can see it is later in the day!

So, here are my images I told you about earlier!

This is a crop from the image above…rotated 180 degrees.

The next two images are crops from the photo above.

Same image, just rotated 180 degrees.

Considering that I took these with my normal lens – EFS 18-55mm – I think they turned out pretty ok! I know once I get the macro/fisheye lens, they’ll be even better.

What are your thoughts?

Picture of the Day

June 14, 2019

Taken October 28, 2014

Samsung SGH-t999l





Later on today, I’m going to be posting some images that I took yesterday. I’d like some feedback on them. I plan on posting them to picfair, but I thought I’d run them by you first.


(I probably won’t be able to post til this afternoon, I work this morning and it’s already getting late.)