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Thought I’d share here some photos I’ve edited and what I did to improve them. Photo shop is my best friend when working on photos.

me and my mom


The first thing I did was crop…I had a professor tell us not to crop first. We should do all other work first and then crop. I’ve found that it doesn’t really affect the photo either way. I cropped so as to get rid of the brown spots on the roof and the camper. I tried to get rid of the spots with the spot healer and the clone stamp in photo shop, but it was pretty much a lost cause. So, as long as you’re not really doing any damage to the integrity of the photo, crop away!

Then, I got rid of the dark circles under my moms eyes and the brown spot above her right eye. I also got rid of the spot above her left eye. I did this using the clone stamp and the spot healer.

Then I adjusted the brightness and contrast a little and resized the photo.

Railroad crew

The original photo is the top photo…my great grand father, Cecil Shaffer, is on the right front with the suspenders. The first thing I did with this photo was turn it sepia and then crop it. I adjusted the brightness and contrast and then I cropped out the bright spot in the bottom right corner and some of the negative sky. I de-speckled and got rid of spots and blemishes.

Growing in pink…

The image on the left is the original photo I edited. I transformed it is Photo Shop, pulling the image closer to the foreground, and using the spot healing tool to take out the spot above and to the right of the original image. I also sharpened the image and resized it to save room in my media file.

If you would like help with improving your photos, I am available to edit. You can contact me here
I will be adding photos as I deem appropriate

How to: resize and copyright images

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