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God’s going to cut you down by Johnny Cash

I’ve always been crazy by Waylon Jennings

Choices by George Jones


Progress by John Rich

Snowflakes by Tom MacDonald

Let’s Go Brandon by Cameron Byfield

This Place Called USA by Creed Fisher

What a smart disease by John Baglio

walk alone by Tom MacDonald

pureblooded (parody)

(internet image)

So you are offended? by Aurelio Voltaire

Climbing Mountains by Adam Calhoun and Struggle Jennings featuring Caitlynne Curtis

praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

Walk Alone by Tom MacDonald

In God We Trust by Tom MacDonald, featuring Adam Calhoun, Struggle Jennings, and Nova Rockefeller


Gasoline (parody) by George Hamilton IV

Biden’s Disinformation Board by Buddy Brown/Truck Sessions

The Fuehrer’s Face by Spike Jones

Give Me A Home by Jethro and Homer

New Math by Tom Lehrer

Christmas Humor

Straighten up and fly right by the Andrews Sisters

praise the lord and pass the ammunition

itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini (parody) by Homer and Jethro

Mule Skinner Blues by The Fendermen

Mexican Hat Song by Allen Sherman

Oh no, Bud Light (parody)

Foil by Weird Al


classic rock/other

Living on the Edge by Aerosmith

turn the page and other songs (lyrics only/no video)

nothing else matters

Question by The Moody Blues

Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd

Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden


black as night by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa

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