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Dandelion’s Close Up

Jan 8, 2020 Picture of the Day A spot of color on a cold December day brightens up the world; it doesn’t know snow is on the way ~ HCMorris ~ Today is National Joygerm (influencing others by being positive and kind) Day, National… Continue Reading “Dandelion’s Close Up”

I was made to look this way

Dec 25, 2019 I may look old and grumpy with balding spots and hair flowing everywhere but underneath it all I really am a happy guy ~ HCMorris ~ Hope you have a great day, night or evening where ever you may be! Thanks… Continue Reading “I was made to look this way”


Dec 25, 2019 I got some new camera accessories for Christmas! So, I’ve already been out experimenting and got them on the computer. Now, I’m showing off… 🙂 Hope you enjoy! All of the photos here were taken with my new 10X MACRO lens!… Continue Reading “Experimenting”