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let me glimpse inside your velvet bones

October 8, 2020 picture of the day “Let me glimpse inside your silver bones.”~ Edgar Allen Poe “I do not suffer from insanityI enjoy every minute of it.”~ Edgar Allen Poe here is the original… You are the artist of your own life.Don’t hand… Continue Reading “let me glimpse inside your velvet bones”

not always black and white

July 14, 2020 picture of the day “To see in color is a delight for the eyebut to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”~ Andri Cauldwell here is the original photo taken with my cell phone… to see what… Continue Reading “not always black and white”

going somewhere

July 10, 2020 picture of the day “A black cat crossing your pathsignifies that the animal is going somewhere”~ Groucho Marx to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below… pixelspicfair (abstract)shutterstockpinterest (Holly’s Photos)free images hope you have a great day!thanks… Continue Reading “going somewhere”

enjoy the little things

April 12, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration ~ It’s the little things that make life wonderful ~ “Sometimes the smallest thingstake up the most room in our hearts.”~ Winnie the Pooh “In this lifewe cannotalways dogreat things.But we cando small thingswith great love.”~ Mother Theresa Today… Continue Reading “enjoy the little things”

A weird tornado?

Jan 31, 2020 Since today is inspire your heart with art day, I figured I’d show you some “art” I’ve been working on today. The original… cropped and inverted… polar co-ordinate… I think I also posterized it at this point, but I can’t be… Continue Reading “A weird tornado?”

A Good Day

Sept 29, 2019 So, yesterday wasn’t my CareFree Saturday! We’re going exploring today…so today is my carefree day. I will be posting it tomorrow! I have off today, and next weekend!! Yippie!! I’m not getting paid, but oh well, life goes on…right? Last week,… Continue Reading “A Good Day”

1278 PHOTOS: Things Found

Sept 9, 2019 First of, I have to tell you that I’m sick! Some kind of stomach virus, I think. I thought I wasn’t feeling good yesterday because I didn’t get much sleep the night before. But my stomach’s still upset. So, I’ll probably… Continue Reading “1278 PHOTOS: Things Found”