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Culler Lake

June 23, 2020 originally posted Nov 30, 2019 I know I normally would’ve posted something after my Picture of the week, but my son and I went down to Culler Lake in Baker Park. We were only there for a short while, walked around… Continue Reading “Culler Lake”

a walk in the park and a dip in the pool

June 9, 2020 My son and I went to Baker Park today. It was super hot, 89 degrees at the moment (31.6 C). The humidity is extremely high. There weren’t very many ducks, or anything for that matter. The water does look refreshing although… Continue Reading “a walk in the park and a dip in the pool”

1278 Photos: Some Thoughts

Sept 2, 2019 As of right now, I’m not going to do my reading post until later. Might be later today or tomorrow, we’ll see what the near future brings. I really wanted to use this post to get some thoughts out. I’m thinking… Continue Reading “1278 Photos: Some Thoughts”