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March 7, 2023 picture of the day people can believe in you, and yet none of it matters if you don’t believe in yourself hope you have a great day!thanks for stopping by!! “I know you’re with the grammar police, but who’s that guy?”… Continue Reading “believe”

simple pleasures

December 22, 2020 picture of the day “Don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter.It’s quiet.But the roots are down thereRiotous.”~ Rumi icey night an image of ice on a dead plant, on a cold winter night I am thankfulfor nights that turned… Continue Reading “simple pleasures”

find your wings and fly

September 1, 2020 picture of the day ~ back in the day, my parents had all their photos developed as slides, as well as regular photos. When going through slides, I take photos of ones that I find interesting. Some of the photos that… Continue Reading “find your wings and fly”

the soul always knows

August 22, 20202 picture of the week “I will be waiting hereFor your silence to breakFor your soul to shakeFor your love to wake.”~ Rumi to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below… pixelspicfair (landscape)shutterstock (landscape)pinterest (Holly’s Photos) hope you… Continue Reading “the soul always knows”


July 7, 2020 picture of the day mephobia…the fear of becoming so awesomethat the human race can’t handle itand everyone dies Here is the original… Not the best picture, I know, but it works. Turning it abstract, was a really good idea – in… Continue Reading “mephobia”

the cat in the sink

June 18, 2020 the cat in the sinkdon’t you dare thinkthat he is readyfor a bath~ HCMorris ~ Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! I’m putting this in free images, if yo would like to use it!

no words

May 24, 2020 Sometimesthere are no words… Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!!