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blue blazes (whiskey) trail

December 4, 2020 Not so long ago, my son and I went for a hike…this was back on October 28. I can’t believe it was that long ago… We decided to go to the Blue Blazes Still trail located in the Catoctin Mts, outside… Continue Reading “blue blazes (whiskey) trail”

Way Back When and Even Now: Hog Rock Continued

Oct 11, 2019 Even Now Picture of the Day Finally got the rest of the Hog Rock hiking trip finished! To see more, click here: Hog Rock Trail @ Catoctin Mt State Park Nature, time and patience are the three great physicians. ~ Chinese… Continue Reading “Way Back When and Even Now: Hog Rock Continued”

Hiking the Hog Rock Trail @ Catoctin Maountain Park

Oct 4, 2019 You know that about a week ago I went hiking in the Catoctin Mts. I haven’t completely finished the photos, but I’ve got enough to share with you. The rest will just have to wait. The Catoctin Mountains are about a… Continue Reading “Hiking the Hog Rock Trail @ Catoctin Maountain Park”

Catoctin Mountain View

Sept 28, 2019 Picture of the week Picture taken at Hog Rock, Catoctin Mountain State Park, Sept 24, 2019 I know it’s a little hazy, and it was only around 1030 in the morning, but it’s the best I could do!! It’s been a… Continue Reading “Catoctin Mountain View”