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Ups and downs

February 1, 2020 Cell Phone Pictures It’s been another gray, dreary day and it’s actually raining now – so I’m glad I went out when I did . . . and on days like this I have a hard time getting motivated. But once… Continue Reading “Ups and downs”

an icy, gloomy day

Jan 18, 2020 We didn’t get the snow we were supposed to get, instead, we got ice!! It’s freezing rain at the moment.I’d much rather have snow!! But, it is what it is! I just hope the ice doesn’t get too thick and the… Continue Reading “an icy, gloomy day”

a walk in nature…

Jan 11, 2020 Cell Phone Saturday Didn’t do a whole lot today…put the Christmas tree away and went for a walk. I took more – Christmas – pics than the one below…but I think I’m going to save them for a later post. Other… Continue Reading “a walk in nature…”

Holly Trees and Pine Cones

Jan 4, 2020 Cell Phone Saturday The sun popped out for about 5 minutes not that long ago, then it started raining again! And when does it start raining? When I grab the cell phone and head out to take some pics! Oh well,… Continue Reading “Holly Trees and Pine Cones”

A Lot of Brown

Dec 28, 2019 Cell Phone Pics Been a more relaxed day today! Which I really needed…considering I only got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. I was tuckered out from yesterday…oh well, life goes on, right? That’s the same dandelion that is my… Continue Reading “A Lot of Brown”