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DARPA’s secret tech: bio-weapon and mind control terrifies scientists

October 3, 2023 … a 20 minute video “Every technology has the potential for good or evil. And who defines what’s good and what’s evil. And who uses it for what purpose. These are all questions that have been asked about everything from rockets… Continue Reading “DARPA’s secret tech: bio-weapon and mind control terrifies scientists”

Californication (song)

September 26, 2023 Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics: Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind’s elationAnd little girls from Sweden dream of silver-screen quotationAnd if you want these kind of dreamsIt’s Californication It’s the edge of the world, end… Continue Reading “Californication (song)”

WEF caught paying arsonists

September 11, 2023 WEF Caught Paying Arsonists To ‘Burn Down the World’ as Part of Sick Depopulation Plan Arson …an 11 minute video ~ A New World Order will emerge from these wildfires ~ “Far-left arsonists are engaged in a globalist plot to “burn… Continue Reading “WEF caught paying arsonists”

“pink eye” bioweapon?

September 6, 2023 Did the deep state create a “pink eye” bioweapon? (internet image) …an 18 minute video Soliris is suggested by the guest in the video to treat pink eye…colloidal silver is suggested by someone in the comments… Soliris is a prescription medicine…definitely… Continue Reading ““pink eye” bioweapon?”

Maui fires

August 30, 2023 (internet image) A Message to Maui… The Evidence May Shock You … a 10-minute video

Orsini and Rosenberg Alchemical Mafia

August 22, 2023 …a 5-minute read Anytime you see a new disease just pop up out of nowhere, just know that they didn’t discover it – they invented it. Orsini and Rosenberg Alchemical Mafia The Orsini family of Rome, the Orsini-Rosenberg family of Austria,… Continue Reading “Orsini and Rosenberg Alchemical Mafia”

Maui – the truth may shock you

August 20, 2023 (internet image) …a 10 minute video I typically don’t share stuff like this on the weekend, but I don’t feel like rearranging what I already have planned for the week – so today it has to be. hope you have a… Continue Reading “Maui – the truth may shock you”