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1277 PHOTOS:Picture of the Day

Sept 1, 2019 The 1277 number may not be exactly right, but pretty close. Tomorrow, I will have the right number. “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” – Emma Goldman

Carefree Saturday 16 (1)

Gardening, insects and trimming trees August 25, 2019 This is going to be a two part series, I took way too many pictures! I normally don’t post more than 5 or 6 photos at a time…and I’ve got 13 here! It’s cool enough right… Continue Reading “Carefree Saturday 16 (1)”


May 18, 2019 Sorry I didn’t post this morning, my cat let me sleep in! As soon as it got light enough outside, I started on trimming out my plants. Today is as good a day as any… Actually, I’m sick and tired of… Continue Reading “CAREFREE SATURDAYS 2”