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peace and chaos

February 15, 2023 My dreams have been hit or miss lately, mostly because I force myself to wake up. And upon waking, I can’t remember what the dreams were. The only reason I can think of is because I was scared. Or I don’t… Continue Reading “peace and chaos”

New Life, New World – A New Way of Living (dreams)

December 8, 2021 ~ This is a rather long read, with over 1000 words. Just to let you know… I know God has a plan. I pray for direction to follow it, and knowledge to know when it comes. (pinterest) Dancing and Rejoicing I… Continue Reading “New Life, New World – A New Way of Living (dreams)”

I must apologize . . .

September 8, 2021 “I must apologize for not coming back sooner” This is the “dream” I had a couple weekends ago (August 21)… I don’t even feel comfortable calling it a dream, as I was not fully asleep. I was laying in bed, half… Continue Reading “I must apologize . . .”

The Return

July 9, 2021 Two Dreams, One Post I was going to try and do this all in one post, but for time’s sake and all that, it will have to be divided up into multiple posts. It’s just getting way to long for my… Continue Reading “The Return”


November 17, 2020 Just to let you know, this is a longer read than normal for me. But, for me, it’s important I get this out… Hope you enjoy! You all are probably more than aware that I have been taking a kind of… Continue Reading “dreams”

Way Pack When And Even Now: Howling Wolf

Oct 1, 2019 Picture of the Day I’m not sure exactly when this photo was taken/edited. But it was before 2012 – when I graduated from Shepherd University – and after 2008 – when I started classes there. The background is an image of… Continue Reading “Way Pack When And Even Now: Howling Wolf”