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6 days

September 22, 2022 The photo below apparently constitutes as “nudity or sexual content” on Facebook. I was putting stuff on Facebook this morning, like I typically do in the morning, when I tried to download a meme and got a message that the photo… Continue Reading “6 days”

29 days

August 12, 2022 I was hoping to do this post tomorrow, sharing that it had been a month since I had gotten any new restrictions on Facebook. Unfortunately, that’s not the case… Dear Facebook. It is not your job to fact check our posts.… Continue Reading “29 days”

False information

August 3, 2022 About your post Friday July 1, 2022 at 7:18am we added a notice to your postThe post includes info that independent fact-checkers said was false… (facebook screen shot) Below is the post I copied that was deemed “false information”, in full…what… Continue Reading “False information”