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my first fish

June 6, 2020 You probably remember me telling you about catching my first fish in my dad’s story. I’m going to crop and fix each image, I just haven’t had the time. I really just wanted to show you the images. I have included… Continue Reading “my first fish”

rarely scene

May 21, 2020 …or is it seen? “The flower that blooms in adversityis the most rareand beautiful of all.”~ Mulan tomorrow is… May 22National Buy A Musical Instrument DayNational Solitaire DayNational Vanilla Pudding DayNational Maritime DayNational Road Trip DayNational Craft Distillery DayWorld Paloma DayNational… Continue Reading “rarely scene”

two hearts and a bee

May 20, 2020 today’s cell phone picsandmy thoughts for today I did manage to get a couple of photos with my cell phone today, after I cleaned the pool. My CANON battery was on the charger, as it was almost completely dead. After charging… Continue Reading “two hearts and a bee”

where birds talk and oceans sing

May 19, 2020 my thoughts for today I got a new vacuum for my new pool today! I ordered it anyway, should be here by Sunday. Not that I’m getting in the pool to clean it. It’s been way to cool for it!! Only… Continue Reading “where birds talk and oceans sing”

could be worse, upside down

May 18, 2020 my thoughts for today Thought I’d post something quick this evening! It is getting a little late… Hope everyone is doing well. I was able to get outside and take some photos today! I had a spider attacking my camera not… Continue Reading “could be worse, upside down”


May 17, 2020 Mt. Vernon – George Washington’s Historic Home… Today, I wanted to show you some photos I took when I went to Mount Vernon with my son a few years ago. I also wanted to share my thoughts with you today… I’m… Continue Reading “Necessary”