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the first and the last, the biggest and the smallest

August 2, 2021 Fishing on the Potomac River I was up at quarter after 4 this morning, on the river by six… I’m tired and achy, but it was worth it!I don’t know why people can’t take their trash with them when they leave…it’s… Continue Reading “the first and the last, the biggest and the smallest”

what started out good…

July 13, 2020 On Sunday, July 12, 2020, we went fishing. Leaving first thing, we got there and parked just after daybreak. But first, we had to stop for the train… Sunday’s Cell Phone Pictures and take a look at the river. The first… Continue Reading “what started out good…”


March 27, 2020 How much more “self isolated” can you get than this…? so… peacefulrelaxingquiettranquil every once in a while… the sound of the trainrumbling bytaking peopleand products somewhere Since it was my birthday yesterday, my boyfriend decided we needed to go fishing. Can’t… Continue Reading “isolation”

Carefree Saturday 9

July 7, 2019 (More) Fishing on the Potomac I can’t believe this is my ninth carefree post! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long… I know it’s only nine weeks, but it feels like it’s been only a couple of weeks since I… Continue Reading “Carefree Saturday 9”