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Sept 1, 2021 Below are three videos I took during the downpours… I hade to call my neighbor to ask him if he could possibly do something about it… he said he’s going to…As you can see the berm that I worked on yesterday… Continue Reading “flooding…”

Tornado warning/high wind advisory…

Feb 7, 2020 ugg…what weather! At least it’s not snow, I guess! If it were snowing, we’d have three or four feet (or more) on the ground right now! They say about one foot of snow for every inch of rain…I’d say we’ve gotten… Continue Reading “Tornado warning/high wind advisory…”


First, I have to say we’re ok. No real damage was done…we were under a tornado threat for an hour or so yesterday. Didn’t get any thing but heavy down pour and high winds! No damage was down that I can see… water ran… Continue Reading “FLOODING”