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good days/bad days

July 15, 2020 I’m sure some of you have noticed that I haven’t been myself this past week. I just don’t feel right… can’t put my finger on it. I think that, maybe, the ordeal I went through on Sunday did more to me… Continue Reading “good days/bad days”

fit for a king and queen

March 10, 2020 A king cat and a human queen… cell phone pics I tried to mix the food so you could see the meat, but no such luck! He – Mr. Tuxedo – loves when I fix dinner like this. And in all… Continue Reading “fit for a king and queen”

Holly’s brownie cake

Jan 15, 2020 cell phone photo or is it Holly’s cake brownie? either way, it turned out yummy! Keep reading to say why I say that!! I made this from scratch and I totally messed it up, but it turned out yummy! Using a… Continue Reading “Holly’s brownie cake”

I wasn’t going to

Nov 10, 2019 but I had to! All images in this post, again, are from previous posts. Food photography! I in no way (really) intend to give real directions for baking any of these food items. Hope you enjoy!! First off, my last post… Continue Reading “I wasn’t going to”

I have no wifi

I won’t have wifi til tomorrow evening…hopefully it will be back by then! So, I will do the best I can with my phone! These are soda cupcakes…when I have wifi back, I will go into detail with ingredients and such! It’s been a… Continue Reading “I have no wifi”

Picture of the Day 14June 23, 2019

Taken April 25, 2016 with my Samsung cell phone. I wanted to make cookies one day but I didn’t feel like dealing with the cookie sheets…I had seen in a cast iron cooking magazine something similar, so I improvised. I mixed all the ingredients… Continue Reading “Picture of the Day 14June 23, 2019”