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Through the Lead Window

August 6, 2020 my thoughts for today thought I’d take a minute and give you an update… You may or may not remember that I said something a week or so ago about trusting your gut and maybe getting the corona virus test, just… Continue Reading “Through the Lead Window”

Fort Frederick…

Jan 16, 2020 We’ve been to Fort Frederick a couple of times… here I’ll show you some (more) photos from the last time we went, back in 2010. As I took a ton of pictures that day, I am showing you mostly re-enactments and… Continue Reading “Fort Frederick…”

Fort Frederick and the Appalachian Trail

Dec 4, 2019 I thought I had pulled more photos from our Fort Frederick trip, but obviously I didn’t. The Appalachian Trail runs alongside the fort, so I’ve included those photos. This means that here in the near future, I will do another post… Continue Reading “Fort Frederick and the Appalachian Trail”