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If a Polar Bear and a Grizzly Bear mate, their offspring is called a “Pizzy Bear”.

November 1, 2020 fun with wordswho knows where this will go… Nature’s Highway… “the most satisfying journeyis the journey you takeinward with yourself”~ Nitin Namdeo Hakoona Matoddler, it means no relaxing for the rest of your days(or at least until they move out) psithurism:… Continue Reading “If a Polar Bear and a Grizzly Bear mate, their offspring is called a “Pizzy Bear”.”

ten gallon hats only hold about six gallons on water

October 12, 2020 fun with words The scientific term for brain freeze is “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia”.~ can you pronounce this? I know I can’t! today, I may go a little off the rails…I haven’t done this in a while, and I’m just going to have… Continue Reading “ten gallon hats only hold about six gallons on water”

in a world of my own, everything is nonsense

September 7, 2020 Before I really get started I have to tell you that I took a break this morning. Not my usual routine…and as I was sitting there I noticed a baby deer – a fawn, barely any spots – in the back… Continue Reading “in a world of my own, everything is nonsense”

reality, in the abstract

August 10, 2020 or is it, abstract realityI have no idea fun with words “Nothing is more abstract than reality.”~ Giorgio Morandi Remember,if you lose a sock in the dryer, it comes back as a Tupperware lid that doesn’t fit any of your containers… Continue Reading “reality, in the abstract”


August 3, 2020 fun with words Hollyupside downor right side upis still the samejust out to lunchdiscombobulateddownside-upnever vacillated~ HCMorris ~ “After all, if curiosity killed the catit was satisfaction that brought him back.”~ Holly Black “In my artsy lifethe ordinary become the extraordinary.”~ Holly… Continue Reading “HOLLY”

never stop dreaming

July 22, 2020 picture of the day “Life ends when you stop dreaminghope ends when you stop believinglove ends when you stop caringfriendship ends when you stop sharing.”~ unknown to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below… pixelspicfair (albums)shutterstock (sets… Continue Reading “never stop dreaming”

it’s all in the . . . mouth?

I had no intention of this being so long… over 550 words. It is what it is! I think it’s a pretty easy read! Enjoy!! July 20, 2020 fun with words Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out Before I… Continue Reading “it’s all in the . . . mouth?”