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A red herring is distracting

June 30, 2020 originally posted Dec 23, 2019 Fun With Words All of the info comes from the book The Weird World of Words by Mitchell Symons. Word of the day: Gambrinous – the state of being full of beer A word that changed…


March 2, 2020 Fun with Words! Ok, so this isn’t an actual photo that I took…it is the front of a card I found stashed away in a box. I scanned it into the computer…and found it the other day when I was going…

weird, random, you

June 8, 2020 fun with words Be weirdBe randomBe who you are Spend your life doing strange thingswith weird people “A genius is someone with six toesor more on one foot.”~ Long Bill, Comanche Moon “Sometimes,I pretend to be normalBut it gets boring,so I…

“b” words

April 27, 2020 fun with words Busy Bee Busy bumble beebuzzes by brambling brookborrows brother bees blanketbids baby bumble beebye Busy bumble beebegins building better beehiveboldly bringing bumble babesboosting blooming buds Busy bumble beebaffles bashful bugsbackstrokes behind barren barnsbranding beetlesbad Busy Bumble Bee to…

go with the flow

April 20, 2020 fun with words Go with the flow Ride the wave Crash into me BeLaughCryLoveFeelGo Let the sun shine down on youand cleanse your soulLet the rain wash over youand carry away the painLet the wind flow around youand move your soulLet…


March 30, 2020 Fun With Words “My goal is not to be better than anyone elsebut to be better than I used to be.” “Your attitude is like a price tagit shows how valuable you are.” Attitude: noun: attitude; plural noun: attitudes a settled…

Just peeking in

March 9, 2020 Fun With Words peek-a-booI see youI have nothing to giveBut a hello!How are you?~ HCMorris ~ peek a boo – a game, a song, a piece of clothing (a dress, blouse or other such thing that shows a little skin) other…

it’s gonna bite

Feb 24, 2020 Fun With Words Something really simple… enjoy! and the word or the day is… EPITHALAMIUM: a poem written to celebrate a wedding (The Weird World of Worlds by Mitchell Symons) Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! linked to…

The Golden Leaf

Feb 17, 2020 Fun With Words So, this is the only photo I have for you today…sorry ’bout that! But…I typed in ‘the golden leaf’ in the search engine, and this is what I found…. The Golden Leaf Foundation: a nonprofit organization founded in…

It’s Only A Dream…

Feb 10, 2020 Fun With Words The info in this post comes from The Weird World Of Words by Mitchell Symons. Enjoy…! Obdormition: when an arm or leg goes to ‘sleep’ as a result of numbness caused by pressure on a nerve Word that…

Fill in the blank…

Jan 20, 2020 This may be my fun with words and/or cell phone photo of the day. We’ll see how things go, if anyone participates. I have to let you know – before we delve into the meat of this post, that each photo…

Always, tangled up in blue…

Jan 13, 2020 Fun With Words So, today…this post is going to have to do with, can you guess? Yup, blue… it just kinda happened this/that way. We shall see how this goes! Below you will find strange facts about the color blue, which…


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