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trampoline spider

Dec 20, 2019 Picture of the Day aka Common Garden Spider “What ever can dream you can do. Begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” ~ Goethe Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!! click on either image… Continue Reading “trampoline spider”

Carefree Saturday 16 (1)

Gardening, insects and trimming trees August 25, 2019 This is going to be a two part series, I took way too many pictures! I normally don’t post more than 5 or 6 photos at a time…and I’ve got 13 here! It’s cool enough right… Continue Reading “Carefree Saturday 16 (1)”


August 22, 2019 I’m going to just be quiet today and let my photos do the talking! “Most of what she knew, she’d learned from the wild. Nature had nurtured, tutored, and protected her when no one else would.” – Delia Owens, Where the… Continue Reading “1269 PHOTOS: QUIET THURSDAY”

1269PHOTOS: Picture of the Day

August 11, 2019 I know, it looks like the same picture I used the other day. I assure you, it is not. I manipulated it in PhotoShop. The background is a brighter green and there is more detail in the spider. I believe I… Continue Reading “1269PHOTOS: Picture of the Day”

1269 PHOTOS: Picture of the Day

August 19, 2019 “No living thing is ugly in this world. Even a tarantula considers itself beautiful” – Munia Khan


August 4, 2019 Taken July 31, 2019 with Canon Rebel t6 I’m pretty lucky this week – I can use one of my July photos!!! It just happens to work out this way. Next week…not so much!