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a little bit of this, a little bit of that

June 25, 2021 my thoughts for today First off, I have to say today marks one year since my cat, Kalimba, crossed over Rainbow Bridge… He was something else, but the best cat ever. And I mean that with all my heart. It nearly… Continue Reading “a little bit of this, a little bit of that”

getting there . . .

May 18, 2021 Play in the dirtBecause life’s too shortto always have clean fingernails~ garden therapy ~ I’ve actually had a pretty good, busy day! It started with draining out the water off the top of the pool, which only took about an hour.… Continue Reading “getting there . . .”


May 13, 2021 Hopefully, I get this finished before dinner…if not, at least you got to see some photos of what I did today! All of the photos were taken with my cell phone, May 13, 2021. Another day, I’ll show you the transformation… Continue Reading “Finally!!”

snake eggs

August 16, 2020 Today, I decided to transplant a couple of yuccas. It’s been so moist and rainy the last couple of days, I figured it was a good time. And not too humid. You’re probably wondering, what do snake eggs have to do… Continue Reading “snake eggs”

Carefree Saturday 18

Sept. 8, 2019 I started the day by working in the garden. One of my gardens, anyway! I have to tell you, I did this by myself!! My boyfriend was working and my son was sleeping! I started tearing it apart and cleaning it… Continue Reading “Carefree Saturday 18”

Carefree Saturday 17

Sept 1, 2019 Ugg! This is what I was doing all morning Saturday! Well, until 10am! It still needs a little work, but the bulk of it is gone. There’s some roots left (loose) and all I need to do is rake that out.… Continue Reading “Carefree Saturday 17”

Carefree Saturday 15

August 18, 2019 My day in Pictures…mostly! On the way to get my boyfriends truck…I wanted to get a picture of the fog on the mountains, but it didn’t happen! This is the town where The Blair Witch comes from… it’s just a legend… Continue Reading “Carefree Saturday 15”