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My Dad’s story – part three images

My brothers and I … When my brothers and I were teenagers, we were plagued with eye problems. This is the easiest way to put it, at this point. It was probably in the early 50’s when the problems started. ~ ~ ~ ~… Continue Reading “My Dad’s story – part three images”

My Dad’s Story – part three

Little Brook Farm When I was old enough, I would go to work on my Uncle Harry’s farm during the summer.  My Uncle Harry raised beef cattle, as well as other animals that produced fresh food for the farm or helped protect the farm… Continue Reading “My Dad’s Story – part three”

My Dad’s Story ~ part 2

Jan 30, 2020 But first, I wanted to show you the photo for the background… as a background, I like it. It is very much abstract, I know, but for certain things it works. And now, part two of my dad’s story. Hope you… Continue Reading “My Dad’s Story ~ part 2”