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hummingbird silhouette

Dec 12, 2019 Picture of the Day “Who ever is happy will make others happy.” ~ Anne Frank Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by! click on either image to see what I have available at Picfair and Pinterest happy love…

where it’s safe and dry

Dec 5, 2019 let me rest here awhile where it’s safe and dry not a raindrop can ruffle these pretty little feathers ~ HCMorris Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for stopping by!! click on either image to see what I have…

1278 PHOTOS: Almost There

Sept 30, 2019 More Hummingbird Photos It’s the end of the month and you know what that means… A new theme! Something to do with past and present…since I’ve been scanning photos into the computer, I figured that’s only appropriate! I didn’t take as…

1278 PHOTOS: Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Sept 30, 2019 Picture of the Day “Neither the hummingbird nor the flower wonders how beautiful it is.” ~ unknown Click on either photo to see what I have available at Picfair and Pinterest

1278 PHOTOS: Taking A Rest

Sept 25, 2019 Picture of the Day “Think and wonder, Wonder and think.” ~ Dr. Seuss Thanks for stopping by!

1278 PHOTOS: Picture of the Day

Sept 21, 2019 “Hummingbird is the spirit of pure joy. She is the messenger of beauty and wonder, and she reminds us to taste the sweet nectar of life.” – unknown

1278 PHOTOS:Picture of the Day

Sept 18, 2019 “You are the only one that knows how high or how far you can fly.” – unknown


August 31, 2019 Thought I had forgotten, didn’t you? “Do small things with great love.” – Mother Theresa


August 17, 2019 I’ve got three this week! I can’t decide which one I like the best… Ruby Throated Hummingbird Gray Squirrel The hummingbird photo and the squirrel photo were taken with the zoom lens. Which one do you like the best?


July 28, 2019 A tree frog, some butterflies, spiders, and bees Be prepared for a lot of photos…19 to be exact! I took about a hundred photos!! A very good day indeed!! Very relaxing! TREE FROG We did go on a road trip –…

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