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Bugs and Things From Yesterday

November 18, 2019 Here’s some photos of the last of the seasons butterflies and a praying mantis as well as some October facts that you may or may not have known. Hope you enjoy! October is the tenth month in the Gregorian calendar, received…

When Shelves Attack: Part Two

Nov 11, 2019 Stay away from the flesh eating shelf! Please do! Stay away from that flesh eating shelf! It will attack without warning! And take whatever flesh it can grab! ~ HCMorris Yes, I was attacked by the shelf! I was watering the…

I wasn’t going to

Nov 10, 2019 but I had to! All images in this post, again, are from previous posts. Food photography! I in no way (really) intend to give real directions for baking any of these food items. Hope you enjoy!! First off, my last post…

Daddy Long Legs

Nov 9, 2019 Image taken Oct 27, 2019 And yes, it was trying to bite me, but it couldn’t. It was originally on my thumb, but as I snapped the picture, it jumped down onto my hand. It felt like an annoying little something…

Wednesday’s Abstracts

November 6, 2019 October Leftovers Like I said before, I do have some leftovers from last month. Not as many as usual…and they’re all abstracts! Hope you enjoy!! The gum leaf skeletoniser caterpillar has fuzzy hats on top of its head. This “hat” is…

It’s always good to laugh at something funny!!

Nov 3, 2019 Yeah, my son said that!! I can’t remember why he said it, but he said it and I remembered it so it is the title of this post!! First off, I have to say sorry for posting late. The time change…

Sounds Like French for Deja Vu!

Oct 30, 2019 Abstracts! Hope you enjoy!! Ok, I think I need to explain the title…at least a little. I was sitting here the other day and the phone rang. We have one of those phones that has a talking caller id. I got…

A Little Rascal

Oct 29, 2019 Do I need to say more? I think not! And he was a little Rascal, from stories I’ve been told! Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for stopping by!! “Wood doesn’t grow on trees!” ~ Stymie click on either…

Off the Wall

October 29, 2019 Just a mish-mash of photos I have left…and some off the wall facts! All info comes from THE FREEDOM INSTITUTE: useless facts (dealing with people who drive you crazy/totally useless facts) Hope you enjoy!! In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more…

Oh What Fun!

Oct 29, 2019 Picture of the Day Picture taken in 1979? “Good books never give up their secrets all at once.” ~ ? Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!! click on either image to see what I have available at…


Picture of the Day Way Back When I didn’t take this picture, but I fixed it so I could show it to you. I’m pretty sure my mom took it, as it came out of her photo book. “The hardest thing of all is…

You Make Me Blush

Oct 27, 2019 Before I get into posting, I need to let you know that my cat has been letting me sleep in. I slept 9 (nine) hours last night…so I needed the sleep. I’ll go into more detail later on today. I’ll at…


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