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stay true to who God made you to be

June 6, 2023 picture of the day If you are willing to abandon your principles for convenience or social acceptability, they are not your principles. They are your costume. Remember when Joe Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline within 48 hours of his presidency… Continue Reading “stay true to who God made you to be”

Expand and transform

June 5, 2023 wonderful ~ beautiful Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind. space from earth space from space (wimkin) Wanna live in China? Easy! Keep your ass on the couch, watch… Continue Reading “Expand and transform”

life lived with gratitude

June 5, 2023 picture of the day It is estimated that the odds of your existence are 1 in 400 trillion. You are a miracle. Live your life with gratitude. Big Pharma pays… ~ doctors~ researchers~ politicians~ the FDA~ medical schools~ lawyers~ lobbyists~ the… Continue Reading “life lived with gratitude”

speak the truth

June 4, 2023 wonderful ~ beautiful People don’t realize how hard it is to speak the truth, to a world full of people that don’t realize they’re living a lie ~ Edward Snowden get wokego broke ~ stay woke ~ (internet image) Democrats want… Continue Reading “speak the truth”

treat others the way you wish to be treated

June 4, 2023 picture of the day people only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun and tired of their shade When Jesus was hanging out with the sinner, He wasn’t telling them how wonderful their sins are. He was telling… Continue Reading “treat others the way you wish to be treated”

the second longest word in the English language is . . .

June 3, 2023 wonderful ~ beautiful Did you know?The second longest word in the English language isantidisestablishmenterianism (noun)the doctrine or political position that opposes the withdrawal of state recognition of an established church; — used especially concerning the Anglican Church in England. Opposed to… Continue Reading “the second longest word in the English language is . . .”

no explanations

June 3, 2023 picture of the day Sometimes you don’t need explanations. It is what it is. Always funny to hear leftists argue that their desires must be tax payer funded, while their dislikes must be banned. Bernie Sanders: Health care is a human… Continue Reading “no explanations”