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frozen in ice

Jan 23, 2020 Since I’ve shared other snow related images today, I thought I’d keep on the same theme… this is ice in the pool with leaves. It’s not so cold now, so the ice has thawed. I thought it looked neat… Did you… Continue Reading “frozen in ice”

Picture of the day

June 12, 2019 Feb 5, 2014 I figured since I showed you the damage done to my car during the snow/ice storm of 2014, I’d show you the elm tree blocking the drive way. When you live where we live, you get used to… Continue Reading “Picture of the day”

Picture of the day

June 11, 2019 February 5, 2014 Worst ice storm in my memory…took out my car! Windshield, mirrors, windshield wipers needed to be replaced. A few dings as well! To make matters worse, no one could get in or out! The elm tree had so… Continue Reading “Picture of the day”