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grow where there is room

“But,like ivy,we growwhere there is room for us.”~ Miranda July “Everywhere the devils spitspoison ivy grows.”~ Alan Chadwick climbingcreepingtrailingivy growseverywhereevergreenperennialwoody vinemedicinalanti-inflammatoryarthriticoxidantmold reducing?but do bewareand take cautioncould causeshortness of breathswellingredness of skinitchingand quite possiblyother ailments~HCMorris~ Tomorrow is… March 7, 2020National Be Heard DayNational Crown Roast… Continue Reading “grow where there is room”

Picture of the Day: Where Things Grow

Oct 21, 2019 Even Now I found these leaves growing through an opening in the mower shed. “Be sure to go Where wild things grow.” ~ ? click on eather image to see what I have available at Picfair and Pinterest


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