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bad weather ahead

December 22, 2020 Maryland Folklore: weather beliefs All of this info comes from the book Maryland Folklore and Folklife by George G. Carey. I’m sure some you have heard of before, some may be brand new! Hope you enjoy! It will be a long… Continue Reading “bad weather ahead”

Spirit of Frederick

April 28, 2020 So, I’ve finished all the stories that are in the book Spirits of Frederick by Alyce T. Weinberg. Or at least the stories I want to share right now. There’s a couple more, but they seem boring to me. Maybe at… Continue Reading “Spirit of Frederick”

This That and the Other Thing

Oct 14, 2019 Local Maryland Legends and Folklore Snallygaster The info in this post comes from the book Monsters of Maryland by Ed Okonowicz. If you pick up any book about Maryland folklore, you will find the story of the snallygaster! The prime domain… Continue Reading “This That and the Other Thing”