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one minute of patience, ten years of peace

October 11, 2020 Sunday’s Motivation Her secret is patience “Patience is not the ability to waitbut the ability to keep a good attitudewhile waiting”~ Joyce Meyer “One minute of patienceten years of peace.”~ Greek Proverb Patience:what you have when there are too many witnesses… Continue Reading “one minute of patience, ten years of peace”

fiery kiss goodnight

April 26, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration “A sunset is the sun’sfiery kiss to the night.”~ Crystal Woods “A beautiful sunsetwas mistaken for the dawn.”~ Claude Debussy “Meet me where the sky touches the sea.”~ Jennifer Donnelly “In silencethere are answerswe just haveto listen.” “Sunsets are… Continue Reading “fiery kiss goodnight”

the beauty of nature inspires

April 5, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration “Don’t be afraid of criticismthe tallest trees are alwaysconfronted by the strongest winds.” ~ Matshona Dhliwayo “Trees do not preachlearning and precepts.They preach,undeterred by particulars,the ancient law of life.”~ Herman Hesse “Learn character from treesvalues from rootschange from leaves.”~… Continue Reading “the beauty of nature inspires”

simple beauty

Feb 23, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! Linked to Amazon: The Poetic Edda: Stories of the Norse Gods and Heroes by Jackson Crawford; available on kindle, eTextbook, audiobook, hardcover, paperback, mp3 cd; 390 pages (print), published byHackett… Continue Reading “simple beauty”


I’m doing something a little different today…still inspirational, all in their own way. But I used the same moon photo for each quote. Hope you enjoy! Sundays… Hope you have a great day!Thanks for stopping by!! click on either image to see what I… Continue Reading “MOON QUOTES”

Anything is Possible…and doable

Jan 12, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration and Double Vision Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!! click on the image below to see what I have available at Picfair and Pinterest need to do some shopping at Amazon? the image below is… Continue Reading “Anything is Possible…and doable”

Pictures With Words and Other Quotes

Dec 1, 2019 I know this is supposed to be inspirational or motivational…. I didn’t realize I had what I had. So I had to improvise! Hope you enjoy! “Go where you feel most alive.” “My wish is to stay always like this, living… Continue Reading “Pictures With Words and Other Quotes”