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my name is Max: an introduction

Sept 9, 2020 While going over this, I’m not sure if this will be the introduction, or the back cover. I guess time will tell. I’ve also included the table of contents…with links. Some of the links are missing – as of right now… Continue Reading “my name is Max: an introduction”

my name is Max: riding bike’s with dad

September 2, 2020 “Stop worrying about the potholes in the roadand enjoy the journey.”~ Babs Hoffman Riding bike’s with dad hope you enjoy! Dad and I used to go bike riding together a lot in my younger years. Sometimes, my sister would go with… Continue Reading “my name is Max: riding bike’s with dad”

MY NAME IS MAX: cover photo

August 26, 2020 what do you think? I think I’ve pretty much finished his story…at least the rough draft. Now, on to editing. I might have a story or two to add, but we will see what comes to me while I’m editing. There… Continue Reading “MY NAME IS MAX: cover photo”

my name is Max: 2012

August 20, 2020 2012 started out like any other year. I had one more semester, plus one more class I had to take before finishing up my tenure at Shepherd University.  My son turned 14 that year. But it turned out being a really… Continue Reading “my name is Max: 2012”

my name is max: mom passes away

July 30, 2020 **sorry this is a day late, I really have no excuse accept that I knew this part of the story would be hard to write. Enough time has passed – for me and my son – that remembering her in good… Continue Reading “my name is max: mom passes away”

My Name Is Max: the joke’s on you

July 22, 2020 As you may know by know, dad was a jokester. He was always playing jokes on people, including his coworkers. One day, shortly after my sister was born in 1979, the tides were turned on him. Dad was working outside, and… Continue Reading “My Name Is Max: the joke’s on you”

my name is Max: A Grandson is Born

July 9, 2020 A Grandson is Born In 1998, Dakota was born. My dad wasn’t too pleased with the fact that I had gotten pregnant out of wedlock. My mom, was ecstatic! My cancer doctor called me one morning in January and told me… Continue Reading “my name is Max: A Grandson is Born”