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My Name is Max: some Pics

April 15, 2020 Today I’m going to show you some pics from the 1980’s. I was going to tell you about the new addition, my dad firing the contractor (and thus, finishing the job himself) and the white rabbit we found. But, I can’t… Continue Reading “My Name is Max: some Pics”

My Name is Max: Funny Stories (1)

April 1, 2020 The year is 2017, the day – April 1st . . . dad passed away on March 17. The funeral was behind us, my son and I had celebrated my 40th birthday – quietly. We were sitting in the living room,… Continue Reading “My Name is Max: Funny Stories (1)”

my dad’s story – A Year in The Life

March 25, 2020 Since I told you a little about what the last year (months) of my dads life was like a couple of days ago, I figured I’d expand on it a little. So, if you don’t want to read it, click off… Continue Reading “my dad’s story – A Year in The Life”

my dad’s story ~ working

March 19, 2020 WORKING: My dad worked at numerous places throughout the years. After working at the gas station, with the nickname “Maxy”, he got a job at AGA – Aero Geo Astro. He was a draftsman, where he worked on designing electrical circuit… Continue Reading “my dad’s story ~ working”

~ My Dad’s Story ~

March 11, 2020 My Name’s Max – short for nothin’ ~SANDY and SUSIE~ Sandy ~ Sandy was the dog my dad had when my parents were married. They took her everywhere…even camping in the Smokey Mountains and trips to Skyline Drive, hiking along the… Continue Reading “~ My Dad’s Story ~”

My dad’s story…moving to Frederick, MD

March 4, 2020 Before we get into the “story”, I thought I’d share some thoughts… first, I’m thinking of naming the book “My Name is Max… short for nothin’”. I’ve added this to his story… “While my mom was pregnant with me, my Aunt… Continue Reading “My dad’s story…moving to Frederick, MD”

my dads story – the 1960’s and ’70’s

PART TWO * my dad passed away before we could get the whole story written down, so this part is as Holly (me) remembers it being told throughout the years. He passed away from liver disease on March 17, 2017. When he started writing,… Continue Reading “my dads story – the 1960’s and ’70’s”