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my dads story – teen years

Feb 19, 2020 to read from the beginning, click here Teen Years / Young Adult 1954-1968 In 1954, my family moved to Hyattsville, MD. This would’ve been my senior year at Ridgeley High School. I graduated from Western High School in 1955. I have… Continue Reading “my dads story – teen years”

My Dad’s Story – Part Four

Feb 12, 2020 HYNDMAN FIRE – 1949, Christmas Eve I remember the Hyndman fire, and being disappointed that I couldn’t go and help. Those were the days when, if there was a fire nearby, the boys were dismissed from school to help with the… Continue Reading “My Dad’s Story – Part Four”

My Dad’s Story – part three

Little Brook Farm When I was old enough, I would go to work on my Uncle Harry’s farm during the summer.  My Uncle Harry raised beef cattle, as well as other animals that produced fresh food for the farm or helped protect the farm… Continue Reading “My Dad’s Story – part three”

My Dad’s Story ~ part 2

Jan 30, 2020 But first, I wanted to show you the photo for the background… as a background, I like it. It is very much abstract, I know, but for certain things it works. And now, part two of my dad’s story. Hope you… Continue Reading “My Dad’s Story ~ part 2”

My Dad’s Story

Jan 21, 2020 First and fore most, I need to let you know that I have linked my photos to either Picfair, Pinterest, or Amazon. The photos below have been linked to photo history, history books … each photo will lead you to a… Continue Reading “My Dad’s Story”