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it’s been one of those days . . . again!

December 1, 2020 my thoughts for today But it’s those days that keep life interesting! Right? My boyfriend got his hunting license before he left for work this morning, which is no big deal. But he couldn’t get the printer to work! I tried… Continue Reading “it’s been one of those days . . . again!”

everything’s gonna be alright

November 20, 2020 my thoughts for today…the big, bold words/lyrics aresong lyrics I included just to showwhat/how I feel about all this covidmess, if you want just skip over it and read that part laterIt might make more sense… it’s just how my brain… Continue Reading “everything’s gonna be alright”

if the opportunity arises . . .

November 15, 2020 my thoughts for today Sorry I’m so late posting today… I had the chance to get out of the house/off the property for a couple of hours, so I took it. Looks like I’ll pretty much be stuck at home –… Continue Reading “if the opportunity arises . . .”

America: A Legend

November 6, 2020 With voices being subdued all over social media, I thought I’d share my thoughts here… these are just my thoughts, my feelings…I’ve been working on this all afternoon, so the story is playing out as I speak. Isn’t it always? Anyway,… Continue Reading “America: A Legend”

bottoms up!

October 27, 2020 my thoughts for todaynot all the photos are available anywherebut I’m working on it!if available, it is noted where Do you know how hard it is to work, from end to beginning? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing since yesterday…not so… Continue Reading “bottoms up!”

one day, or day one…you decide

September 25, 2020 In ten short days, I have reached 1,607 followers. That’s up from 1,574 (+33) when I originally posted this! Amazing!! So…again, thank you! It boggles my mind!! Some things/thoughts have changed, but mostly I’ve added a shop to my site, where… Continue Reading “one day, or day one…you decide”

no proper time of day

September 1, 2020 my thoughts for today It’s been raining here for the past, well since Saturday night, and I’ve been having trouble really finding inspiration. It’s also been cold….68 (F) degrees (20C) here at the moment. Turn on some lights, turn up the… Continue Reading “no proper time of day”